A realistic couponing system for the busy, the tired, and the disorganized.

This is the game:  Who is going to get most of my money this week – the grocery store or me?

I am not going to give away my money when I don’t have to, and at the grocery store, I don’t have to!

This system probably will not net you $389 worth of groceries for ten cents, but it will show you how to save a still considerable amount of money in about an hour a week.

If you are busy, tired, and / or dis-organized, Couponing For All is the PERFECT couponing system for you! No trying to keep up with thousands of loose little squares of paper, and it is so fast and easy, the savings are almost a bonus!  


Included are numerous hints and tips.  I have even included meal planning guides and fill-in menus in order to make this as easy as possible and to make sure you get the very most you can can from each of your grocery dollars. 

I have written the book and am now nearing publication.  It  looks like it will be mid Summer 2013 (HOPE!!!!). As soon as it is out in print, I will let you know!  Please sign up in the right hand column for our rss feeds and I will let you know when it happens. Until then, thanks so much for your support!




GREAT “Home-Made Bread In 5 A Day” Give-Away: Recipe Book +

I L. O. V. E. this method of baking bread.  It is very similar to the refrigerator rolls I grew up eating.  YUMMY!  The authors of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day and several other Bread-in-5-a-day recipe books is having a give away.  The winner will get:
A Signed copy of The New AB in 5 book, Gold Medal Flour, Red Star Yeast and an Emile Henry Cloche (you bake bread in it)

Their Master recipes and variations can be found here:
Whole Grain Master Recipe from “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day” using Vital Wheat Gluten! and Tips for Using Whole Wheat Flour

If you want white bread, here you go:  Their Basic White Bread Recipe

Some my other favorite recipes and tips of theirs are found on their F&Q Page.

Once you start using this, you will go wild with the variations.  They are just about endless!

If you have ever wanted to make your own healthy, home-made bread but don’t have time, give this a shot.  You won’t be sorry.

(If you prefer a loaf, they have that recipe, too!)

I love their f&Q page!

Check them out and try it; it WILL revolutionize your kitchen.

I Am Truly Shocked!

I knew that the people in our FDA do not do nearly the job for we, the people that they should and here is an example of this.

I get Taste of Home rss on my home page and saw this today.  PLEASE read this and take heed.

Mexican Vanilla

I’ve noticed large bottles of Mexican vanilla at an inexpensive price in my grocery store. Can I substitute this type of vanilla for regular pure vanilla extract? What is the difference in taste? —K.F., Trinidad, Colorado

Mexican vanilla extract has a smooth, rich flavor with a hint of spice. Unfortunately, some Mexican-processed vanilla extracts may contain an ingredient that is added to stretch the vanilla flavor. This ingredient is a potentially toxic substance that has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Check labels to find Mexican vanilla that is processed in the United States and is guaranteed pure; this type is safe and can be substituted for regular vanilla.


This may be common knowledge to some, but is really a shock to me.  I simply had to  pass this along just on the chance that someone else might not know, too.

Happy savings!



The New Rules We Have To Play By

Yes, extreme couponing, aka hoarding, is really taking a toll on all of us.  So many stores have changed their couponing policies because of it, it is difficult to know where to shop any more.  Here are a few of the changes that I have noticed.  (THIS is why I say to frequently check your store’s couponing policy.  It may change weekly!)


They still double (triple when applicable) 3 (three) coupons for every $10 that you spend.  The real kicker here is, though, that they will only double two like coupons.  REAL bummer, there!  I am soooooooo disappointed in them.  This certainly changed my shopping habits, let me tell you!


Walgreen’s now only allows two transactions per person.  My son and husband and I always shop together, so this is not too big of a deal for us, but it could make a difference.


Bi-lo still doubles coupons up to 65 cents and will double up to 10 (ten) like coupons.  Their prices are usually higher than I like to pay, but they do have some knock out sales!

Like I said, these are just a few changes that I know of, but I did want to make you aware that the changes are occurring and you need to keep an eye on your particular store’s policies.

Winning this game is not as easy now, but is still possible.  It just requires a little more effort on our parts (and sometimes more than one trip;-);-) ).

God loves you!  Yes, even you, hon.

Safe and happy shopping!


Food Lion Doubling Coupons FOR ONE WEEK ONLY (for now!)

Right after the tornado hit Ringgold, GA I had the honor of speaking to Mrs. Kathy Green CEO of Food Lion as well as several other “higher-ups” of the organization.  I told her how important it is in today’s economy for shoppers to save every penny possible.  This is why I do most of my shopping at Ingle’s.  They double coupons, and if Food Lion did, their business would grow exponentially.  Apparently she believed me.

For one week only (September 7-13, 2011) The Food Lion Grocery Store in Ringgold, Georgia and several others in the area are going to be doubling coupons WORTH UP TO 99 CENTS!!!!!!!!!  There is a limit of 20 coupons per person per day.  They are going to have some fantastic deals with this, I heard.  SouthernSavers.com will have the list with matched coupons for you.

I will update this with a list of the participating stores later this morning.

PLEASE help me spread the word so they will do this on a daily basis.

Thank you for visiting my site, and very happy shopping!


I just spoke to my FL store manager and he informed me that ALL Chattanooga, TN FL stores will be doing this!

More details:

One coupon per item, max. value 99 cents (max off item $1.98), must be a manufacturer’s coupon (NOT another store’s coupon), and they will not give you more off than the price of the item (no overages 😦 )  But still…!

Now, let’s get out there and support them in this.  MORE SAVINGS FOR ME!!!!!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

And remember:  “One person can change the world, so never stop trying!”  Lisa Whitehead Ritchey